Enhancement List

SEP-001 – Extract content into editable format

Anatomy of a SEP

Several sections of information are required in a well-formed SEP:

  • Title – Short name for the enhancement
  • Description – Longer description of the additions/changes related to the enhancement
  • Owner(s) – The person(s) that’s responsible for completing the enhancement
  • Estimated completion – Date or time-frame for completing the enhancement
  • Updates – Short progress messages as development of the enhancement is underway
  • Comments – Community feedback on the enhancement

SEP status ratings

To keep track of SEPs, each is assigned one of the following status ratings:

  • New – The enhancement is still under active discussion and refinement or may be un-owned.
  • Open – The enhancement is under development by the owner and interested parties.
  • Done – The enhancement has been completed and will be included with the next release.
  • Dead – The enhancement was considered but a decision was made to stop working on it.