The OpenSAMM project is committed to identifying and defining additional resources and refinements to SAMM. We currently target a new SAMM release about every 6-12 months. Since a given release may have a number of improvements over the previous release, individual  SAMM Enhancement Proposals (SEP) are created and uniquely numbered to solicit community input and track progress.

Want to get involved?

Start by joining the SAMM mailing list since that’s where most discussion will take place. If you would like to volunteer to contribute, send an email to the list with your ideas. If it makes sense as an enhancement, write up a simple SEP that we can post for community review and then you’re off and running.

You can submit a request for any kind of enhancement, but some likely candidates include:

  • Identify and create additional roadmaps for other business sectors
  • Creation of mappings from SAMM to existing standards and compliance frameworks
  • Building additional case studies for SAMM usage
  • Changes and refinements to the Security Practices, Activities, or other model content
  • Translations, prose editing, and/or proof-reading