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SAMM Workshop Next Week in Hamburg

Further to the previous announcement, the schedule for the SAMM workshop at AppSec EU in Hamburg next week has been published.

During AppSec conferences, the SAMM project team will organise workshops for you to influence the direction SAMM evolves. This is also an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences with your peers. Similar workshops will be organised in New York (USA) and Lima (Peru) in the coming months.

Next week on Wednesday the project leaders are holding the first of these OpenSAMM workshops at in Hamburg:

  • Location: Alster room in the Scandic Hotel, Hamburg, Germany
  • Time: Wednesday August 21, 2013 1:00pm – 4:00pm

The agenda is:

  1. Introduction / getting to know each other – 10 mins
  2. Project status and goals – 10 mins
  3. OpenSAMM inventory of tools and templates – 20 mins
  4. Case studies / sharing experiences – 40 mins
  5. What do we need (thinking about improvements, can be anything ranging from translations over tools to model improvements) – 40 mins
  6. What do we need first (prioritization) – 30 mins
  7. Call for involvement (responsibilities), identity teams for specific topics – 15 mins
  8. Rough planning for the future – 15 mins

If you plan to come, can you add your name to the online meeting document.

If you would like to cover other topics, don’t hesitate to contact Seba Deleersnyder or Bart De Win.

Hopefully there will be a gotomeeting call to allow for remote participation; please let Seba or Bart know if you would like to participate remotely.


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OpenSAMM Adopters

The SAMM project leaders have started an OpenSAMM Adopters page at:

If you use SAMM or you know of an organisation using SAMM that is willing to share this information publicly, please add details to the following page, or forward to Seba Deleersnyder if you do not have, or do not want want, an OWASP wiki account.

  1. Organization name
  2. Contact
  3. Role
  4. Organization type
  5. Region
  6. Optional testimonial

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SAMM workshops at AppSec EU and AppSec USA

If you plan on attending or be sure to get involved in the SAMM workshops (scheduled on Aug-21 and Nov-20). In Hamburg, the SAMM workshop will be on Wednesday afternoon 21-Aug, one day prior to the conference.

If you plan to attend the workshop: let us know via the project mailing list.